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David Harazny - Co-Owner

Founded Entering The Unknown Paranormal in 2017

Lead Investigator and Host of Entering The Unknown

on Amazon Prime Video.

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Email: enteringtheunknownparanormal@outlook.com

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Season One is called Enter The Dark,

one thing we can promise with our series theres no screaming, no playing up to the camera and no fakery.

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Meet The Team

Michelle Morgan Rocky Appleton

     Michelle Morgan

Paranormal Investigator

                  Rocky Appleton


I've been in to the paranormal for the last 20 years. I started going to local places.  I also have an interest in deralict buildings, I've had lots of scary experiences like a qujia board calling out my name and giving me a warning and telling me my guides name was Susan Young. Another time at penrith Hall Llandudno me and Michelle went down in to the cellor where we were stood talking and heard a door slam behind us loudly when we turned round their was no door just a brick wall      

Nick Humphries 57154273_2296222243927157_4944462300724592640_n

Nick Humphries 

Over 2 decades of experience as a Psychic Medium, I've been on tv and do readings around the world. I have a huge fascination with the paranormal and paranormal investigating.

Andy Jones - Co-Owner

I've been communicating with spirits since the age of 6, I now work all over the UK as a psychic medium with paranormal teams

Rachael Barlow

Rachael Barlow

Paranormal Investigator

Julie Jones

          Julie Anne Oates

    Paranormal Investigator

A H Paranormal Nick Humphries Medium Amazon_Prime_Logo Fay Rogers

Fay Rogers


I'm very skeptical and will be until something walks up and smacks me in the face. but I like all the history side of it and filming with a camcorder. And listening to what Andy and nick pick up because I think they are both genuine and awesome

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