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David Harazny - Co-Owner

Founded Entering The Unknown Paranormal in 2017

Lead Investigator and Host of Entering The Unknown

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one thing we can promise with our series theres no screaming, no playing up to the camera and no fakery.

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Meet The Team

Michelle Morgan Rocky Appleton

     Michelle Morgan

                  Rocky Appleton


I've been in to the paranormal for the last 20 years. I started going to local places.  I also have an interest in deralict buildings, I've had lots of scary experiences like a qujia board calling out my name and giving me a warning and telling me my guides name was Susan Young. Another time at penrith Hall Llandudno me and Michelle went down in to the cellor where we were stood talking and heard a door slam behind us loudly when we turned round their was no door just a brick wall      


Andy Jones - Co-Owner

I've been communicating with spirits since the age of 6, I now work all over the UK as a psychic medium with paranormal teams

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Entering The Unknown Paranormal and A-H-Paranormal working alongside each other, working together in the paranormal field.

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Season 3 (2)

Entering The Unknown Paranormal - Season 3 coming in late 2019

# Making The Unknown Known

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                  Sarah Pickston                                                     Lee Pickston            

I’m a skepic yet to be convinced, I’ve been interested in paranormal for many years and I would like to believe there's more to life and death. I’m searching for creditable evidence. I look to Forward to loan viduals, evps and working with the team finding phenomenon that can't be explained.

My interest in the paranormal Started at a young age when I lived in a pub. Myself, customer's, parents and staff members would hear strange noises including intelligent voices that would answer directly to our conversation’s. Since then I've always wanted to find out more. Although a believer I'm able to step back and explain the explainable.


Part of the Paraunity Family

Shaun Helm

                    Shaun Helm